Tips for Beautiful Beach Photography at Your Wedding

Beach weddings are stunning, so naturally you’ll want your wedding photos to look the same. But with unpredictable weather conditions, a lot more light than most photo settings and the fact that most beaches are public places (hello accidental photo bombs!), beach photography comes with its own special set of challenges. So here are some tips and tricks for achieving beautiful photos on your wedding day.

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of those big check box items on your to do list that comes with a major sense of satisfaction when you’ve squared it away. Depending on the type of coverage you pick for wedding photography for your big day, you might end spending more time on your wedding day with your wedding photographer than any single other person apart from your betrothed!

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer (before you book!)

Ok so you’ve been an industrious little bee, and you’ve whittled down a shortlist of wedding photographers that you think will be a great fit for you on the big day. How to decide between the final contenders is often a difficult choice that I’ve heard can be a bit of a coin toss for some brides who don’t really know much about photography, let alone wedding photography!

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