Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer (before you book!)

Ok so you’ve been an industrious little bee, and you’ve whittled down a shortlist of  wedding photographers that you think will be a great fit for you on the big day.  How to decide between the final contenders is often a difficult choice that I’ve heard can be a bit of a coin toss for some brides who don’t really know much about photography, let alone wedding photography!

Never fear – here’s a great set of questions for you that should illuminate the right wedding photographer as quick as you can say lock it in!

Background and Preparation

  • How long have you been shooting weddings?
  • How many weddings have you shot?
  • Have you ever worked with any of my other suppliers (e.g. the reception or ceremony venues, the celebrant, the florist, etc)?
  • Can I please call a prior bride for a reference?
  • If you haven’t shot at my wedding location before do you plan on doing a reccy before hand?



  • How would you describe your wedding photography style?
  • What type of equipment do you use?
  • Do you have a full set of backup equipment on the day?
  • Do you have any processes in place to avoid losing photos or are unable to shoot my wedding?
  • Will you have an assistant or second shooter on the day?
  • Do you use digital or film or both?
  • Do you shoot in black and white at all?
  • Can I give you a specific shot list of photos we would like?


Wedding Photography Packages and Administration

  • What packages do you offer?
  • Can you create a tailored package to suit our wants?
  • Are there any fees on top of the packages we need to be aware of for our wedding (eg travel fee)?
  • Do you offer engagement shoots as part of your packages?
  • Can you assist with prints of we want them?
  • Can you assist with the production of an album?
  • How many photos will you provide?
  • Do we receive all the digital images/negatives?
  • How long after are wedding will you supply the images?


Once your shortlisted photographers have answered these questions for you, you should be able to make a clear judgement on who is the best fit for your day!

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