Tips for Beautiful Beach Photography at Your Wedding

Beach weddings are stunning, so naturally you’ll want your wedding photos to look the same. But with unpredictable weather conditions, a lot more light than most photo settings and the fact that most beaches are public places (hello accidental photo bombs!), beach photography comes with its own special set of challenges. So here are some tips and tricks for achieving beautiful photos on your wedding day.


Timing Your Photos

Given that the beach is probably the sunniest place on Earth to have your wedding photos taken, it’s important that your photos are taken at the right time of day. Too bright or too dark and you may not get the sort of photos you’re after.

Generally the best time of day is the hour before sunset, also known as the ‘golden hour’. This varies during different times of the year, so it’s a good idea to discuss this with your photographer before you plan the ceremony/reception times of your wedding! If you have a daytime ceremony there’s always the option of sneaking out of the reception later in the day to capture that perfect lighting. Also make sure to research tide times to make sure there’s plenty of beach in your photos!


Location Location

If you haven’t yet decided on the exact beach for your wedding photos, consider finding one that’s more secluded and private, or having your wedding during low or shoulder season if it’s in a popular tourist destination. Doing this will minimise the chance of distractions in the background of your photos, and will give your photographer a better chance to capture the perfect shot, or 10 of them!


The Perfect Backdrop

The ocean makes for an incredible backdrop to any wedding photo, but to make sure there’s plenty of variety in your photos, it’s worth having a look for a beach that could potentially provide other backdrops too. Rock faces, palm trees, secret boardwalks, or perhaps some colourful fishing boats.


Silhouette Shots

As the sun sets below the horizon, the lighting will be perfect for capturing a timeless and romantic silhouette shot of you and your partner. So check the time of sunset during the month of your wedding and see if you can be at the beach with your photographer at that time.


The Weather Nightmare

The scariest thing about a beach wedding is obviously the possibility of bad weather conditions. If it’s an overcast day and the sky is looking less than colourful, black and white photos are a wonderful solution. In the case of rain, prepare some possible back-up time slots other than the one you’ve set specifically for getting wedding photos. More often than not, the rain will slow for long enough to get some sneaky shots during the reception. And make sure your photographer is prepared for shooting in the rain, because believe it or not, rain can actually make for some truly beautiful and interesting photos!


Your Photographer

It can be challenging for photographers to shoot brightly lit landscapes, or potentially ones looking cloudy and grey. But a photographer with plenty of beach photography experience won’t have a problem with making them look stunning! So do your research, and make sure you find a photographer who you get along well with.


If you have any questions about the beach photography at your wedding or you’d like to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me directly at or head to my Contact page to fill out a form.


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